Unconfined Compression Strength

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ASTM D-2166 / AASHTO T-208
For determining stress strain relationship of cohesive soil without confining pressure


SKUNama PartSpesifikasiJumlah
JS-501Unconfined Compression MachineCast alumunium, gear box, adjustable height of top platen, hand operated 200 kg capacity1set
JS-502Sample Tubes35.0 mm dia x 70 mm height
JS-502.1Sample Tubes47.5 mm dia x 95 mm height1pc
JS-502.2Sample Tubes70.0 mm dia x 140 mm height1pc
JS-502.3Sample Tubes1pc
JS-503Split Sample Tubes1pc
JS-503.1Split Sample Tubes35.0 mm dia x 70 mm height1pc
JS-503.2Split Sample TubesSplit Sample Tubes1pc
JS-503.3Split Sample Tubes70.0 mm dia x 140 mm height1pc
JS-504.1Extruder34.5 mm dia x 71 mm height1pc
JS-504.2Extruder47.0 mm dia x 96 mm height1pc
JS-504.3Extruder69.5 mm dia x 141 mm height1pc
JS-505TrimmerSteel frame, 3 tubes size1set
JG-101/1Proving Ring100 kg capacity1set
JG-137Dial IndicatorRange 30 mm x 0.01 mm1pc
JG-390Thin BoxAlumunium, 60 gr capacity#pcs
JG-840Wire Saw10 cm length approx1pc

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