Triaxial Test UU CU CD

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ASTM D-2850
The Triaxial Test Set provides test Load up to 100kgf at any speed 0,00 mm to 5.00 mm per minute. This feature provides the capabilty for use in application such as constant rate of load and constant rate of stress. Measuring and single switch for loading or unloading of sample making it extremely easy to use. A moveable cross head allow a wide range of sample sizes to be tested with simple adjustment. Ideal for UU, CD and CU test version.

Dial deformation 20 mm
Nama PartJumlah
Triaxial electromotor 1000 kg capacity1unit
Proving ring 200 kg capacity1set
Triaxial cell for sample 38 mm & 50 mm1set
Volume change2set
Pore water pressure1set
Vacuum pump1unit
Water tank2set
Air compressor  8 kg/cm2 220 v1set
Sample preparation1set
Triaxial Compression Machine 1 ton Variable switch, hand operated and Motorized operated 220 v1set
Load Measuring 300 kgf ( include calibration certificate )1set
Displacement measuring Dial Gauge 30 x 0.01 mm
Control panel  Assemblied measruing pore pressure 10 kg/cm2 digital system, Cell pressire 10 kg/cm2, Back pressure 10 kg/cm2 (Manometer system), Constant Pressure Unit Air Regulator, Bottom Water Tank, Vacuum Tank1set
Air Compressor  5 kg/cm2 220 v1set
O-Ring  Placing tool 35 / 50 mm1pc
Suction membrane  device 35  / 50mm 1 pcTwo ways split former  dia 35 / 50 mm1pc
Sample Tube  dia. 35 / 50 mm and extruder1set
Rubber membrane  35 / 50 mm10pcs
Membrane sealing ring 35 / 50 mm4pcs

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