Light Weight Deflectometer

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Portable (Handheld) Falling Weight Deflectometer
The portable FWD Falling Weight Deflectometer is with wide application range:
Highway, railway and earthwork construction projects.
Ditch soil quality inspection.
Construction cushion quality inspection.
Pile hole, pit quality inspection.
Deformation modulus detection of building foundation frame.

Loading device
Hammer:10.0kg (optional 15kg, 20kg)
Maximum drop height:700mm
Maximum impact loading:20kN
Pulse loading shape:Half sine
Wave pulse loading duration:15~30ms
Material:galvanized alloy steel
Weight:15kg (including 10 kg hammer)
Loading board
Diameter:300mm (optional 200, 450mm)
Material:galvanized alloy steel
Electronic Settlement (wireless control)
Loading force measurement range:25 kN
Loading force measurement accuracy:<2%
Displacement measurement range:2mm
Displacement measurement accuracy:< 1%
Measurement time per point:<1 minute
Sensors for displacement measuring:3pcs (expandable)
Data storage capacity:2000 group test data
Power supply:Lithium battery
Continuous working time:12 hours
Working environment temperature range:-10 ~ 40°C
Working environment humidity range:not more than 85% RH (no condensation)

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